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Sandal Season

Sandal Season

This past week I was finally able to take out a few open-toe shoes from the dark recesses of the closet. To get my feet warm weather worthy, I reached for Avocado Foot Crème from Nailtiques. Its one of the few products I’ve found specifically for feet, that doesn’t smell like mint. I don’t have a problem with mintscented creams, but because I use these products at night, I feel like the minty aroma gets trapped in the sheets for days. Sometimes it’s so fragrant I hesitate to take deep breaths to relax, as mint is not the most sleep inducing scent.

Nailitques Avocado Foot Crème ($15.00)

This cream from Nailtiques is awesome in both the scent, and moisturizing texture. It feels like a like whipped mousse, as opposed to a heavy cream. It sinks into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue. After using a few nights with socks, my feet feel much softer and more hydrated. The fresh scent doesn’t compete with other scented products I wear, nor does it linger. I have to also comment on the packaging. I’ve never seen a more luxurious jar of foot cream! The heavy frosted plastic looks great on the bathroom counter and it’s a pleasure to reach for it after a bath.

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