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Well Loved: Valentino Rockstuds

Well Loved: Valentino Rockstuds

I won’t lie. I had heart palpitations when I handed over the cash for these shoes. The Valentino store at The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas was like Candyland. I had already dropped too much money at the Tom Ford store just around the corner, but I just couldn’t resist these shoes. In my head I tried desperately to figure out my CPW (cost per wear) nearly convincing myself that I’d wear them everyday.

For the next three years. That’s $1.00 a day. For-the-next-three-years…

Valentino Rockstud2


Well, I didn’t wear them everyday. But I’ve never regretted the purchase either. I love these shoes. The Valentino Rockstud has been around a long time, and every season there are new colors and textures. The Noir Rockstud is a special collection. The gunmetal colored studs are actually finished in Ruthenium, an element from the periodic table I’d long forgotten since AP Chemistry. It’s in the platinum family, which would be my guess as to why these are priced slightly higher than the other Rockstuds. The black-pebbled leather and rubber bottom soles also set it apart from the other variations. This particular style even comes in an all black box, unlike the signature red box typical to other Valentino shoes.

So my CPW may have been a little miscalculated. I have worn them often, and I love them more today than I did a year ago. They are single-handedly the most comfortable stilettos I’ve ever worn. The wide toe-box, and adjustable straps make these a breeze to wear for several hours. Even at 4 inches, my feet are fine because of the rubber sole. At the end of the day, I’d rather shell out the money for one fabulous pair of shoes that I can’t wait to wear, rather than 10 “ok” pairs that I bought just because of “can’t resist” sale prices.

When it comes to my closet, I’m choosing quality over quantity.

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